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Festival branding & promo video 

Project Brief 

To take an existing festival and explore abstraction, realism, and symbolism through branding and promotional materials. 


     Research, Branding, Photography,

     Illustration, Animation,  

     Adobe Illustrator 

     Adobe Photoshop

     Adobe InDesign

     Adobe After Effects

Design Challenge 

Create an eye-catching an innovative visual identity for a festival that combines art, design music, and cutting edge technologies. 


The Elektra International Digital Art Festival began in 1999 in Montreal, Quebec. It was intended to showcase diversity of performance practices. The festival is approximately a week long and consists mainly of live performances, immersive shows, and interactive exhibitions. The event began as a way to combine performance with artistic innovation using the latest technology, but it has since expanded to other mediums such as video, design, cinema, gaming, and robotics . It also encourages artists from other disciplines, such
as dance, visual arts, and performance, to push the limits and explore artistic applications of the newest technological advancements.

Target audience   

Elektra aims to attract art and design enthusiasts of all ages, but particularly young people ages 18-28 as the event is affordable and
it's goal is to promote the merging of art and technology to the next generation of artists. 


    Research report 

Realistic Approach 1

Realistic Approach 1

This approach was inspired by the interaction of people with technology in interesting and innovative ways, something which the Elektra Festival promotes. This imagery is a representation of the human merging with digital to make something new. 

Realistic Approach 2

Realistic Approach 2


This poster was heavily inspired by the electronic music and performance art aspects of the festival. The person overlaid with the fractal image represents the meeting of the digital and the physical. While the pulsing lines around them symbolize the music but also the invisible impact of art on the people that engage with it. The overall image has a mysterious feel to it that I believe would draw people in and intrigue them.  

Abstract Approach 

Abstract Approach 


For the abstract poster design, I began with some macro photos of hand sanitizer I had from a previous project. Then I edited them to created more understated, but still textured, background for the posters. I used this backgrounds for inspiration and tried to design the typography around the details of the background images. 

The final abstract poster features a logo type that I created using the font ‘Next in Line’. I felt this typeface combined with the bright green and blue colour palette look futuristic and modern, while still being reminiscent an 80’s electronic music poster.

Symbolic Approach 

Symbolic Approach 

The illustration in the background of this poster symbolizes the connectivity of the digital world, and the new ways to communicate and send information using modern technology. This poster was also inspired by the original branding of the Elektra Festival which features a lot of repeating sans-serif typography in its promotional videos. This poster felt like the most organic option in terms adding the festivals current branding with a new theme for the upcoming year. 

Festival Tickets 

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FINAL Tickets    

Promotional Video
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