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Hi, I'm Riley   

I’m an interdisciplinary designer, currently finishing up my last year
in the York Sheridan Design Program (YSDN). I'm interested in pursuing a career in UX design, user research, or some other form

of digital design. I'm fascinated by communication, the way
humans understand each other, and the way they communicate with technology. And if you can't tell by that fact, I love talking to
people, especially about their interests, I'm always looking to
learn about pretty much anything I can. 


When I’m not designing you might find me falling down a research rabbit hole, I love having a miscellaneous fact on hand for every occasion. I also spend my time face-painting, reading, listening
to podcasts, taking photos, or watching one of my favourite shows. 


I’m currently seeking freelance design work, and then a full-time job when I graduate in May of this year. You can find my resume here.  

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