a team building software that uses personality type and skill set to build you
the best teams possible.

Project Brief 

The goal of this project was to execute the full design of a useful screen based product from ideation to final prototype. .  


I chose to create a product that would simplify the creation of teams, because I’ve watched professors group students at random for so many years, and I’ve always thought there must be a better way.
My goal was to provide people with a more enjoyable and efficient teamwork experience by inspiring empathy through a better understand of their team mates and themselves.


     Ideation, Research, Visual Design,

     User Experience, Prototyping,             Animation Design 


     Adobe XD
     Adobe Illustrator 

     Adobe After Effects 

Design Challenge 

How do I create a product that is engaging enough users will happily provide us the information we need, but also professional enough to be used by business’s and schools? 

Phase 01 


Paint Points  

Who will lead?  

Often teams will end up with no one who wants to take charge, or
too many people who want control. Either way the outcome is bad,
the group could end up drifting aimlessly, or the power struggle will
eat up valuable time. 

Lack of necessary skills

By teaming up people randomly, groups often end up with uneven distribution of skills, such as all the people proficient in coding could end up in one group, but all the illustrators will end up in another, and then neither team will product the best possible work. 


Many groups end up fighting and arguing because their personalities and work styles don’t mesh well, if these conflicts go unresolved they can lead to more issues throughout the project. 

Personality tests 

Many people enjoy taking personalty tests so it’s an engaging way for us to gather information. We offer a few different tests, so the more tests they take the better we’ll understand them.  



While personality tests aren’t always perfect, the results are still a
good framework to start with in terms fo self reflection and understanding your personal motivations and work style.
Additionally, key information can be shared with team mates to
help them empathize and resolve conflict

Efficient & Thoughtful  

Most people don’t have the extra time to spend thoughtfully teaming up a large number of people. With Groupr its fast and simple, you can make final adjustments, and people will be feel respected because there was though put into a decision that will effect their life for a significant amount of time. 

Phase 02 


Personality tests 


I did research on how personality type analysis can contribute to effective teams.

How might we 


We received suggestions on what to think about while designing our products. 

Statement of Intent 


A summary of my goals for the design of this product. 

Phase 03 

ideation & wireframing 

Low fidelity Wireframes     

These are some of our low-fi wireframes outlining simple visual elements and beginning to create a consistent visual language. 


These moodboards highlight the colour scheme and visual style
I was looking to achieve. 

Phase 05 


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