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a fashion app that combines the efficiency of online browsing with the connivence of trying on in store. 

Project Brief 

The task was to develop an app with mapping as a key function. 
Each student was assigned a different category, mine was mapping. 


     Adobe Illustrator 


Initial Problem 

How to create a unique and marketable navigation app when universally popular mapping apps such as Google Maps, already exist? 


As there are a lot of great mapping apps that already exist, I added
a second major function to the app design to create a more unique and marketable product.  

APP Idea 

Spree is a shopping app that using mapping as a key function. The user can optimize a shopping trip by selecting favourite stores and the app will plan the trip for them, or they can browse by item so when they do go shopping they can run into the store, grab what they want, try and it on, and be done without having to waste any extra time searching. 

Design Challenge  

How to create a more efficient and enjoyable shopping experience
for the average consumer in a hurry. 


I began by doing some research on existing products, when I did this project in 2016 there were not any that I could find. So I turned to researching existing shopping apps and mapping apps, and aimed to combine the two to create a simple and efficient shopping experience.
I found that a pain point of shopping at malls is the stress and anxiety many people feel in such crowded places, many of these people prefer online shopping. However, a major pain point of online shopping is
not being able to try clothes on, making it very hard to order your size
if your are not familiar with the brand. Spree aims to fill the need of people who love the ease of online browsing, but still feel the need to
try clothes on before a purchase. 

Main functions 
  • Plan trips, and easily find locations with all the stores you need

  • Explore, browse by brand, type of clothing, and colour 

Plan your trip 
  • Add start location 

  • Input stores 

  • Spree recommends the best locations to find what you need

  • Spree uses google maps technology to show you how to get to this location, and you can decide if it works well for you. 

Social aspects
  • If you choose you can give Spree access your contact list 
    or Facebook friends 

  • Then you can invite them on a Spree and they can add their own stores to the trip

  • With the explore function you can browse through clothes by brand, type, and colour 

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